Ranked by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the “Top security guard companies”.

Our Methodology

A successful planning of contract security service depends largely on the personnel recruitment, quality training and equipment utilized to carry out the security service project.

CSA employs some of the following equipment to monitor, assist and secure the client’s premises:

  • Incident Reporting Software System: Interface cable to PC, Guard badge Buttons and Mounts, Recording Station Buttons and Mounts, Incident Programming Pad
  • Cellular Walkie-Talkie Radios
  • Regulation Firearms
  • Standard automobiles or golf carts

We understand the importance of recording and reviewing incidents that occur. Proper use of the Incident Reporting Software System clearly records data pertinent to the project site, security tours and incident notification at the touch of a button. This information can be verified at a central location at any time. Post Orders are prepared and updated in accordance with client specifications and the on-site security professional’s day-to-day experiences. These post orders direct the daily operations.

CSA carefully analyzes crime trends to determine patrol patterns, security plans and in preparing and/or revising post orders. Over the years, we have made improvements in our overall delivery of Security Service. We make sure that all assigned CSA Security Officers prioritize the responsibility of securing the client’s property at all times.

  • Our growth over the years has not made us too big for personal customer service.
  • CSA works in coordination with our clients to develop a comprehensive security program.
  • Our existing training program is tailored to meet your requirements. Training focuses on the qualification of the individual, but our classroom and on the job training fosters a team-oriented approach to serve your locations.
  • Our Quality Control Plan is customized to meet your specific needs.
  • A dedicated management team is assigned for your account and representatives are always available. This structure ensures timely and effective response to any arising concern.

Company History

Founded in 1972, CSA is licensed, bonded and insured and has decades of experience providing security services to many clients. We understand the needs of the business community and we deliver quality Security Services to meet those needs. The management team of CSA has over 100

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Safety Tips

We at CSA, understand the importance on being up-to-date of the latest security risk and ways to combat those issues. Check out some of latest blog post to help with security issues during the holidays, leaving your work place or something as simply as being mindful and signs to look for while

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Contract management is an intentional science. At CSA we embrace a philosophy committed to (1) a quality control implementation methodology to carry out our objective to be the best in the industry, (2) directing our personnel to meet the client needs and (3) providing

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Large Entity

CSA provides guard coverage for large contract entities encompassing multiple, varied and sensitive guard posts in excess of several thousand weekly guard hours. Our approach to work is a clear, concise, multifaceted checklist ensuring 100% contract compliance and 100% staffing

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