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Security Services


The CSA security operations protocol is our systematic process to enforce a detailed plan for the safety of your employees, visitors and property. We work in concert with facility managers to create a precise and in-depth course of action to meet and address your safety concerns. The CSA operations’ goal is to provide each client with 100% safety compliance 100% of the time. The ongoing, intentional safety of your premises is our utmost concern. CSA operations protocol establishes effective consistency in securing your business.


Whether by use of technology or physical guard controls, CSA employs effective techniques to limit and restrict access by unauthorized persons and entities. Some of the access control methods used by CSA include technology, intrusion detection, closed circuit television cameras, electronic access control systems, barrier/delay technology and video subsystems. We work to ensure that unauthorized access is never granted. Access Control is a first line of defense in the safety of your business.


Today, security for buildings goes well beyond a security receptionist. Building safety and security requires high level technology as well as ongoing and frequent security officer presence on every floor. CSA’s approach to commercial and government building safety includes the client’s specific requirements as well as foot patrols, visitor management, employee/tenant escorts, floor patrols, technological security controls, customer service, parking security and more.


The CSA methodology includes a ten-step plan of action to diligently secure your entire facility. In order to gauge, recommend and implement the highest level of security, the professional Quality Assurance team at CSA reviews criminal activity for the subject premise area(s), conducts risk analysis, designs a quality control protocol, customizes Post Orders and an Emergency Plan as well as assigning a well-trained contingency team for each contract assignment.


At CSA our teams of guard professionals ensure safety compliance at large college/university institutions. Service delivery includes a proactive approach to heightening safety and safety awareness. Included in the comprehensive security coverage rendered is access control, physical and mobile patrols and safety escorts.


The world is ever changing. Gone are the days of mere x-ray detection screening at airports. Today, airport security is one of the major safety initiatives with every major government in every country around the world. CSA’s vast experience includes airport safety and security. The CSA airport safety methodology includes passenger and bag screening, mobile patrols, parking lot safety and electronic surveillance.


CSA’s healthcare security guard service engagement includes prisoner detention security plans providing complete and thorough prisoner custody while receiving medical care. This unique type of security coverage includes physical guard posts limiting and preventing prisoner escape and enforcement of healthcare facility safety initiatives.


CSA patrol services include regular, physical and mobile site tours for the continuous assessment of the safety initiatives of the contract premises. CSA patrol officers perform alert, conscientious rounds within and throughout the total premises to meet the goal of safety first on every contract site.


A large component of the safety process is surveilling the premises to observe irregular or suspicious activities. CSA security personnel are trained to provide the highest level of electronic surveillance in any locale. The CSA surveillance protocol includes evidence gathering and criminal act deterrence.


CSA provides professional guard service teams for small private firms as well as Fortune 500 corporations.  Some of the locations include power plants, large manufacturing facilities, beverage companies and aerospace and transportation corporations.

Company History

Founded in 1972, CSA is licensed, bonded and insured and has decades of experience providing security services to many clients. We understand the needs of the business community and we deliver quality Security Services to meet those needs. The management team of CSA has over 100

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Safety Tips

We at CSA, understand the importance on being up-to-date of the latest security risk and ways to combat those issues. Check out some of latest blog post to help with security issues during the holidays, leaving your work place or something as simply as being mindful and signs to look for while

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Contract management is an intentional science. At CSA we embrace a philosophy committed to (1) a quality control implementation methodology to carry out our objective to be the best in the industry, (2) directing our personnel to meet the client needs and (3) providing

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Large Entity

CSA provides guard coverage for large contract entities encompassing multiple, varied and sensitive guard posts in excess of several thousand weekly guard hours. Our approach to work is a clear, concise, multifaceted checklist ensuring 100% contract compliance and 100% staffing

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